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Commercials have become a part of life, you can't live with them, and you can't live without them. Every word, camera angle, movement, background, and sound can shape how a person views a product. The advertisement for Starbucks new product, Double Shot Espresso, targets Starbucks customers, coffee lovers, and those who have a difficult time getting motivated in the morning. The commercial uses a catchy song most people are familiar with to capture the audiences' attention. The song makes the commercial effective because of its memorable lyrics that play repeatedly in one's head, causing them to think about the product, wondering if it is effective.

The advertisement starts out with Glen, a young office worker, reaching into his refrigerator to get a Starbucks Double Shot Espresso. As soon as he takes a drink, the band Survivor breaks into a personalized version of their hit, "Eye of the Tiger." The band follows Glen as he is getting ready for work, as well as his journey to work, including bus and elevator rides, helping pump him up. As soon as Glen steps off the elevator, another office worker, Roy, steps on drinking a Double Shot Espresso, and the band starts to sing the song over again and follow him on his daily journey.

The Double Shot Espresso commercial is geared towards Starbuck's lovers, and those who are not morning people. It is also directed towards young people, perhaps college students, who need that extra energy in the morning, or any other time of day. Coffee has become a part of peoples' everyday routines. Some rely on it to get through their lives and this advertisement targets those who may not have the time or money to go to their favorite coffee house everyday. This product provides an alternative for those who crave espresso or caffeine. It also presents a method for those who lack energy in the morning, or even mid-afternoon, to acquire some by drinking this Starbucks product.

The advertisement uses a once popular...
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