Starbucks Case

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Marketing Strategy in Action

Discussion Questions:

1. Based on the case information and your personal experiences, list at least five things you know about Starbucks. This list offers you some idea about your cognitions concerning the coffee shop chain.

a. Starbucks is a 500 Fortune Company.
b. They have coffee from different countries around the world. c. There is free Wi-Fi Internet connection.
d. There are many Starbucks locations in the United States. e. The environment provides a relaxing atmosphere to study or have a nice conversation with friends.

2. List at least five things you like or dislike about Starbucks. This list gives you some idea of your affect for the coffee shops.

a. I like how their caramel frappuccino tastes.
b. I like that they provide a free Internet connection to consumers and guests that walk in the store. c. I like how the baristas that have attended me are so nice and always give me advice on what coffee to choose and what to put on it. d. I do not like that they changed the seating. In the past they used to provide their customers with comfortable furniture to sit and relax. Now they have wooden chairs and tables. e. I do not like the prices for their sandwiches.

3. List at least five behaviors involved in buying a gourmet coffee drink from Starbucks. This list gives you an idea of the behaviors involved in a coffee purchase.

a. The arrival of the consumer to the Starbucks entrance. b. Doing the line to be attended by the barista.
c. Trying out the new promotional coffee that a barista offers for free to the consumer. d. Asking the barista for the coffee drink the consumer wants. e. Using an ATM Debit or Credit Card to pay for the coffee the consumer ordered. 4. List at least five things Starbucks does in the environment to influence consumer’s coffee purchases. The list gives you some idea of how the environment influences affect and cognition and behavior.

a. When a consumer walks by a Starbucks they are immediately exposed to an advertisement of their latest coffee or tea persuading the consumer to try and buy it. b. Usually Starbucks locations are very close by to highly populated towns or malls. c. The baristas walk around the store sometimes to offer coffee samples to consumers seated in the store or in line. d. The music they play inside the store demonstrates Starbucks embracement of other cultures (usually international music from the countries they get their coffee from). An eclectic combination of pop, blues, folk, and other music styles again influencing the atmosphere of their variety of international coffees. e. The atmosphere of the store: they use light and dark wood colors for their tables and chairs; they stick to a warm but largely neutral color of palate browns, creams for the walls, and occasional green for the main flooring and furniture. f. The store’s layout and decorations are welcoming and cozy. It makes you want to stay more time inside the store. g. Last but not least the wonderful smell of their excellent coffee brewing up in the background while you relax with your friends or are simply browsing the Internet on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

5. Review the Starbucks Web site at Do you think the descriptions of specialty drinks increase sales? Why or why not?

I think that the descriptions of the specialty drinks can increase sales because it will get the consumer curious about the ingredients in the drink. It will keep the consumer informed of what is inside their drink. It can also help consumers that are not so familiar with Starbucks to figure out what the name of each drink means. They have many terms to refer to a coffee, frappuccino, latte, mocha, etc. It is part of the Starbucks culture to put these fancy names on their drinks to make the brand more chic. During my visit to the Starbucks website I...
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