Starbucks Business Plan

Topics: Coffee, Marketing, Sociology Pages: 88 (31675 words) Published: March 6, 2012
January 6th, 2011

Expanding in the Danish market for the coffee shop chain industry – with Starbucks as an illustrative case

Table of contents
Figures of contents5
Title sheet8
1Executive summary9
2Introduction – what is Starbucks?10
2.1Subject field11
2.2Problem and problem formulation11
2.3Project design12
3Methodology and theory of science14
3.1.1Three methodological views of Arbnor and Bjerke14 analytical view15 systems view17 actors view19
3.1.2Four sociological paradigms of Burrell and Morgan21
3.1.3Functionalist paradigm22
3.1.4Interpretive paradigm23
3.1.5Radical humanist paradigm23
3.1.6Radical structuralist paradigm23
3.2Comparison of Arbnor & Bjerke and Burrell & Morgan24
3.3Limitations and Assumptions26
3.4Validity and reliability of the project and data collection28
4.1Expansion of the coffee shop chains in Denmark30
4.1.1Screening process for expanding a coffee shop s chains business in Denmark30
4.2Identify basic appeal33
4.3Environmental analysis33
4.3.2Microenvironment38 consumer markets40 market segmentation40 for segmenting the market41 to segment the Danish coffee shop chain industry market41 markets42 behavior43 factors43 factors44 factor44 Five-Stages Model45 recognition46 search46 of alternatives47 decision47 behavior47 competitors48,objectives,strengths and weaknesses and selecting competitors49 Groups50
4.3.3Internal environment53
4.4Analyze the market potential56
4.4.1Definition and goals57
4.4.2Reasons to analyze the market potential57
4.4.3How to analyze the market potential57
4.5Creation of an expansion strategy59
4.5.1Concentration versus diversification strategies59
4.5.2Entry modes61 of entry modes61 of entry modes62 and disadvantages of entry modes regarding coffee shop chains business expansion64
4.5.3Incremental and simultaneous strategy (Waterfall and Shower approach)67
4.6Evaluation and choice of strategy68
4.7Implementation of the strategy68
5Combining methodology with theories used70
6An ideal research plan75
6.1Research plan75
7An illustrative Case – Starbucks77
7.1Why Starbucks? Why Denmark?77
7.2Identify basic appeal77
7.3.1Market size, share and definition78
7.3.2The degree of turbulence78
7.3.3PEST model79 factors79 and development in Denmark79 versus savings80 cyclicality and expectations80
7.3.4Social-cultural81 Danish population82
7.4.1Segmentation of customers84
7.4.2Competition – Strategic Groups88
7.5The internal analysis92
7.6Market potential analysis96
7.7Creation and evaluation of the expansion strategy98
7.7.1Concentration versus diversification98
7.7.2Entry mode strategy100
7.7.3Incremental and simultaneous strategy (Waterfall and Shower approach)101
7.8Choice of strategy102
8Sum up of the illustrative case104
* Figures of contents
Figure 1 The Boundary between Explanatory and Understanding...
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