Starbucks Breastfeeding Issue

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  • Published : April 11, 2011
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Mgmt 2029/Ms22C – Managerial Communication – Semester 2 2010-2011

Individual Assignments
1.Informative Speech
-Prepare a 3-4 minute informative speech describing major issues highlighted in the RadioShack Case. The Speech MUST include all 4 delivery must formats - memorization, manuscript, extemporaneous, impromptu. (Please use the SPEECH FRAMER to assist you in developing an appropriate outline) -A written copy of the speech must be submitted to your tutor – please affix a cover page with the usual and customary info – name. id. tutorial information, etc. -Speech must be presented in your tutorial session during the week of XXXX . 2.Persuasive Business Document

-Assume the role of Human Resources Consultant to RadioShack. Write a letter to the CEO of RadioShack indicating what was wrong with the strategy used to inform employees that they would be laid off. Suggest 2 alternative approaches that you believe would not have had any negative impact on employees and the Company. - Please affix a cover page with the usual and customary info – name, id, tutorial information, etc. -Deadline will be announced

-On all materials covered up to the date of the test.
-To be completed electronically in DOMS Computer Lab.
-Date will be announced.

Group Assignments
4.Presentations & Reports
These assignments must follow standards and formats for Business Presentations & Business Reports.

1)Case Analysis Part 1
- Informative Oral Presentation & written short report.
- See guidelines for case assignment

2)Case Analysis Part 2
– Persuasive Oral Presentation - 3 Alternatives Strategies & Recommended Strategy See guidelines for case assignment

3)Final Project
– Communications Plan – Persuasive Oral Presentation & written long report. - See guidelines for Communication Plan
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