Starbucks Branch in Brno: Vision, Mission, Strategy

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction3
2. Aims of our branch3
2.1. Our vision3
2.2. Our mission4
2.3. Our strategy4
3. Organizational structure4
4. Human resources department5
4.1. Department description using the Oscar principle6
5.1.Outdoor management training9

1. Introduction

Starbucks is an American global coffee company and the largest coffeehouse company with stores all over the world. Starbucks has been established in1995 in Washington and now has more than 19.000 stores. Starbucks sells many different types of coffee, tea, food and other beverages. We put lots of effort in finding and buying the best quality coffee beans. Every coffee is made exactly to your needs and is original. We also create delicious food using only fresh and premium ingredients. Most of our recipes are unique. When we were building our firsts stores, we were trying to think what’s best for people, how to design and equip our stores to make customers feel relaxed and comfortable. We figured that putting people needs before product is the best way how to run our company. We always focus on our people. 2. Aims of our branch

Our main aim is to build Starbucks in Brno within one year. We aim to create a friendly place to meet up, where people will feel satisfied and will want to come here again. Every person is unique and we try to make our coffee so it can fulfill their needs. We want our coffee to be at the highest quality as possible and provide high quality service. The people we hire are the key to the best services, we hire those who wants to put a big effort in satisfying our customers and those with warmth and positive outlook. We also try to focus on students, young people and their needs. We are creating a place where they can come, have a high quality coffee and read a book or even study. We also try to have prices that suits to everyone.

All of our aims were created according to SMART principle and they all fulfill its rules.

2.1. Our vision

- customers satisfaction – the most important vision of our company is to satisfy customers through the quality of products, through professional, motivated and loyal employees and through environment-friendly bunch

- growth – our vision is also to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth, our store should be a great place to work, where people are inspired to be the best they can be

- partners – we care about every employee and every customer, together we can create enduring values

- production – we try to be as highly effective as we can and fast moving organization, we respect our customers and their wishes and we are trying to come up with new ideas as fast as possible

- beverages and food - we maintain high quality of coffee beans, buy only quality goods and keep our food fresh

2.2. Our mission

Starbuck’s mission is to inspire human spirit. Every human being is unique and every coffee we make is unique as well. We wants to continue to be the best at the market, providing comprehensive services, or even to expand and cover the greatest possible range of customers. Our coffee will always be about quality. We always treat each other with respect and dignity and we are fully connected with our customers.

2.3. Our strategy

Our strategy – the strategy of differenciation – is based on excellent customer service, on a wide range of quality products and the excellent, active and intelligent agents.

General characteristics of Differentiate Strategy| Starbucks strategy| Production "Nobody can't do it better"| For our products is significant high quality level and the high quality of our services.| Marketing "Our product...
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