Starbucks Attractiveness

Topics: North American Industry Classification System, Fast food, Industry Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Starbucks currently operates within three industries: Fast-Food Restaurants, Coffee and Snack Shops, and Specialty Coffees. Which are defined by NAICS (North American Industry Classification System). Although all three are separate segments Coffee and Snack Shop and Specialty Coffee basically carry various similarities. Despite this fact that this industry is somewhat narrower when compared to the fast food industry that they are also considered to be a part of, the coffee and snack shop aspect of their overall industry. Attractiveness is their bread and butter. Starbucks currently represents 32% of this industry and continues to grow, making them one of its largest players. This is the industry that they need and have focused the most on. One of the main factors of success are clearly related to their plans for global expansion because Starbucks has all but halted their domestic expansion (Global Data) and focused almost exclusively on the former. Another fact that illustrates the need to concentrate on this segment is the advancement of overall industry attractiveness their specialty coffees segment (consisting of retail store sales) only comprises 7% of their total revenue. Starbucks operates its largest segment in Fast Food Restaurant Industry, despite their relative insignificance as compared to giants like McDonald’s. It is worthwhile for them to pay close attention to this segment, because McDonald’s and Starbucks may differ in market share, but Starbucks holds a larger market share of the segment that McDonald’s wants/needs to capitalize on: Coffee. So to operate in parallel industries makes for a key success factor dependent on the level of information on competitors that also drive change. Although focusing on its most important segment, the Coffee and Snack Shop, Starbucks should also pay careful attention to this segment as well in order to achieve their optimal industry attractiveness. I have come up...
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