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Starbucks has been very successful so far with taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Starbucks has adopted the attitude that opportunity is not only here in the US, but everywhere. Through expansion into retail operations, technological advances, expansions, brand extension, and product distribution, Starbucks has embraced global opportunities. Over the next three years, Starbucks will be collaborating with SSP to open more than 150 stores in airports and railway stations in an attempt to offset the US market slump. This collaboration aligns with our strategy to accelerate growth in our international business," said Mr. Schultz (BBC, 2008). Starbucks has also realized an opportunity in developing smart partnerships to enhance brand extension. This was accomplished through product distribution and refining ingredient technology. For example, Starbucks collaborated with Hewlett Packard (HP) to provide customers with “Hear Music” so they can create and burn CDs that are unique to the customers. Also, opportunities in technological advancements enable Starbucks to capitalize on convenience. Further, in keeping with the trends of technology, Starbucks offers Wi-Fi service for the on-the-go consumer. Starbucks is a model example of how a company can assess opportunities and develops innovative ways to capitalize on and drive success.

Starbucks continues to handle threats by facing issues head-on. Threats that Starbucks handles daily include sociological forces and demographic factors. Starbucks makes it clear in the mission statement that sociological forces are important for improving environmental issues present in today’s society. Starbucks does not just rest on its laurels; it proves it through participating and organizing activities such as neighborhood cleanups and walk-a-thons. Once again, the company’s image is strengthened by its actions and shows that it is able to actively...
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