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I. Time Frame
This Case Analysis falls within the events occurring from 1999 to 2002; Where Rapid expansion growth into the international and local markets affected the profit and continuous growth of Planet Starbucks. II. Point of View

The Proponents would like to assume the point of view of Marketing Consultants in order to address the expansion related issues within the organization. III. Statement of the problem
How to address the issues related to the rapid expansion and saturation of Planet Starbucks to the local and international market. IV. SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis for Planet Starbucks from 1999 through 2002| Strengths * 4 star brand * Product Quality * Location and Convenience * Store Internal Atmosphere * Quality of Service * Market Dominance| * Being a unique organization which prioritizes the product and people. * Starbucks only purchases Premium Arabica Coffee Beans. * The store has opened in major cities within accessible locations in the market. * Priority in service and ambiance of the store. * Good service where the employees enrich the experiences of the customers by providing methods of brewing coffees effectively. * The stores could be found anywhere.| Weaknesses * Saturation and Overexposure * Problems with Management| * Store saturation has reached its maximum growth since the profit per store started decreasing due to cannibalism. * expansion of the stores to different areas locally and internationally results to employee fatigue and overwork without proper compensation.| Opportunities * Expansions to countries. * Partnerships and Joint Ventures| * Expansions to (non-coffee drinker ) countries where coffee and the store product could be best appreciated. * Expansion through partnerships and JV could pilot the initial launch of the company in a certain area while assuring that their products would be received in a more acceptable manner. | Threats * Procurement of...
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