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Internal Analysis Starbucks

Starbucks = 172.000 payrolls ?

Obviously Not !

What is real story ?

Internal Analysis From Bush To Cup

* Over 50% of coffee is grown on small farms

Internal Analysis Starbucks’ sources of coffee in the Coffee Belt

Farms , Coops, Exporters, Importers &Brokers

Internal Analysis How Starbucks Purchase?

7 Fundemental principles for sustainable Coffee Environ. With Fair price (Premium price, premium coffee) With long term contracts Purchasing shade grown, certified & organic coffees Collaborating with coffee producers globally on coffee quality (Starbucks farmer support center in Costa Rica)

* In FY2005, Starbucks paid an average price of $1.28 per pound which was 23% higher than the average New York “C” price.)

Internal Analysis How Starbucks Purchase?

Providing funds & affordable credit for farmers

Invest in Soc. Development Projects (Vaccination Campaign, Renovating homes, Building schools)

* In FY2005, Starbucks provided $9.5M in loans to Calvert Foundation, Verde Ventures Fund, Ecologic Finance

Internal Analysis C.A.F.E. (Coffee And Farmers Equity Program

C.A.F.E. Practices are Starbucks buying guidelines that reward suppliers. Prerequisites: High-quality coffee Economic transparency

Internal Analysis Facts About Value Chain
Inbound Logistics Operations Marketing and Sales Service Procurement Technology/Development Human Resource Management Administration R& D

Internal Analysis Properties of Starbucks

Internal Analysis Properties of Starbucks

Internal Analysis Properties of Starbucks

Internal Analysis Intangible Assets Several awards which improves reputation & brand “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” “Ten Most Admired Companies in America” “100 Best Corporate Citizens” “Most Admired Company” “ Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes”. 4th “World’s Most Influential Brands” “Best Global Brands”

Internal Analysis Core Competencies

Employee value Lower turnover than the rest of the industry Happy workers make happy customers “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” — FORTUNE— 1998–2000, 2002–2008.”

“We realize our people are the cornerstone of our success...” Howard Schultz

Internal Analysis Core Competencies

Commitment to coffee quality and its sustainability CAFE practises , social programs & farmers support “third place” of customers make part of their daily lives

Internal Analysis Core Competencies

Continuous Innovation Starbucks Hear Music™ “Now Playing” feature on the iTunes® in Stores Frappuccino® since 1995 Starbucks Roast™

Performance Appraisal Operating Segments

United States International

CPG (Global Consumer Products Group)

Performance Appraisal Financial Performance of Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ: SBUX)

Performance Appraisal Sales Mix

Performance Appraisal Revenue Comp. & B.D.

Performance Appraisal # of Stores ( Co Op)

Performance Appraisal # of Stores ( Lic)

Performance Appraisal # of Stores Growth

Performance Appraisal Shareholder Info SBUX

Performance Appraisal Shareholder Info SBUX cont.

•18,500 shareholders of record • Starbucks has never paid any dividends on its common stock

Performance Appraisal Earnings comparision

Performance Appraisal Revenue Growth

Performance Appraisal Income & Op. Margin

Performance Appraisal Earnings & Equity

Performance Appraisal Consolidated Earnings (US+INT.+CPG)

Performance Appraisal Liquidity and Capital Resources

Performance Appraisal Diedrich Coffee (Gloria jeans,Coffee World)

Mission: We sell Great Coffees Founded in 1972, Diedrich Coffee, Inc. is a specialty coffee roaster, wholesaler and retailer Brands include Diedrich Coffee, Gloria Jean's, and Coffee People Have more than 110 retail locations, both companyoperated and franchised, under these brands located in 25 states

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