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Who are the target markets for starbucks? How do they differ from those of other coffee shops? Starbucks primarily targets coffee drinkers. These segments comprise of adults, young adults and Kids and Teens. Starbucks offers its customers a total brand experience which stretches beyond the consumption of the bevergae. The experience includes excellent customer service, gold card loyalty program, specialty coffee drinks, unique drink names, its dedication towards social responsibility, elegant looking coffee shops. Other coffee shops such as Tim Hortons, Timothys World Coffee, and Second Cup do not offer extended brand experience as Starbucks. They mostly focus on offering lower priced products and extensive distribution. Tim Hortons does not position itself as a hang out place or a meeting place but mostly targets people who are on the go. These coffee shops are mostly known for standard brewed coffee as opposed to Starbucks known for its premium quality specialty coffee. Adults

Starbucks’ adults target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. These customers tend to be living in large urban areas with relatively high income managerial careers who like to visit the coffee shop at least twice a day and sometimes more to conduct business meetings. Starbucks’ appeals to this consumer age group through hip, contemporary ambience and also by offering gourmet coffee, choices of milk (e.g. soy milk), and flavours to keep up with their status. Young Adults

Young adults, aged 18 to 24 are also a major part of their target market. These young adults are mostly university students who like going to Starbuck’s to hang out with friends and to write assignments. Starbucks appeals to this consumer directly by offering a relaxing atmosphere through comfortable couches, good music and technology (free wi-fi and Starbucks app for smartphones) to cultivate a “cool” image. This consumer segment choses to go to a Starbucks as opposed to the library because of the above stated...
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