Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, Espresso Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: March 4, 2013
As we know, starbucks is one of big brands in the world , so , how do they do it to maitain the organization for along time ? because they have unique cultures that I’ll show you right now. Starbucks enjoin all new employees to consummate twenty-four hours of training. During the period, they will have learned the operation of espresso machines, the customer service reflective of their mission statement, the processing and production of coffee beans. After training, Starbucks employees are already informed of the culture and ready to transfer this to customers. Training programs offered by organizations such as Starbucks nurture consistency for all employees and empower the organization’s public image. Starbucks, with its 7000-strong stores across the globe, envisions maintaining diversity as a way of life insofar as it is its culture’s core and its business’ foundation. The organization’s objectives are to attract and keep a manpower that reflects the world, to make policies and practices that uses human potential to the fullest, and to build hopes, realize dreams and develop equity in partners, neighborhood and communities. All organizational cultures start with tiny group of individuals who direct the organization in their capacity as founders. By virtue of their vision, preferences, values, and belief, they ascertain the process of hiring employees, train and socialize the employees to think founder-style and mold attitude and behavior to fit the vision. Only success will motivate their growth. In the case of Starbucks, an Italian inspiration, president and present CEO, Howard Schultz orchestrated its culture. Schultz’ vision looked toward the flavorful traditional espresso coffee beans after visiting Italy. Ever since then, he bought Starbucks and widened this vision and has peaked in late decades for its phenomenal popularity of enterprising high-quality, whole bean coffee. It is noteworthy that once culture is grounded in an organization and achieves...
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