Star Wars Informative Speech

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Star Wars
What movie franchise has been the most powerful film franchise in history? Who could forget traveling through space fighting evil, using the force, and defeating the empire? Yes I am talking about Star Wars. The franchise includes 6 movies and countless games, toys, and books. Now I know y'all must be thinking “she only thinks star wars in so important cause it’s her favorite movie or she’s a geek or something like that” Well to be honest I have never in my life seen any of the movies. I’ve seen bits and pieces but none of them the whole way through. Although that it true Star Wars has influenced my life. Star Wars is and will be for years to come the most influential, powerful, and profitable franchise in history.

The saga began in 1977 when George Lucas released his first movie after striking a deal with 20th century fox in which he retained all rights to the movie and sequels and 40% of all box office sales. He began with what at the time was just Star Wars: A New Hope, now Episode 4, which grossed $1,416,050,800(one billion 416 million 50 thousand 800) to put this into perspective the cost to produce this first movie was $13 million. In 1980 he released The Empire Strikes Back, now episode 5, which grossed $780536100(780 million 536 thousand 100). 1983 saw the release of Return of the Jedi, now Episode 6, which grossed $747772300 (747 million 772 thousand 300). Lucas decided the movies needed a prequel so in 1999 he released The Phantom Menace, episode 1, which grossed $674365200 (674 million 365 thousand 200). In 2002 Attack of the Clones, episode 2, grossed about 425 million 074 thousand 300 dollars. In 2005 Revenge of the Sith, episode 3, grossed 471 million 630 thousand 400 dollars. Though that was supposed to be the end in 2008 the animated film Star Wars: The clone wars grossed 35 million 20 thousand 908 dollars. That brings the total star wars film series to 4 billion 550 million 450 thousand 8 dollars. In 2005 Forbes Magazine stated that...
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