Star Trek the Space Seed

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Star Trek the Space Seed

In the episode of Star Trek, titled Space Seed by Gene Roddenberry, there are plenty of examples of science fiction. At the very start of this episode and almost every Star Trek episode you see the crew in a spaceship flying in space, called the starship enterprise. This is one example of science fiction because even though we have spaceships now, in Star trek they can somehow cancel out gravity so they don’t need to wear space suits like we do today. Also the starship is huge and has multiple levels. It is very futuristic, almost like a mall flying through space.

Besides the spaceship another good example of science fiction is the transporter. The transporter breaks up your body and turns it into energy, also called dematerialization. Then you get transferred or beamed to a different ship and the energy that you turn into starts reconverting into matter, or rematerialzation. This is way beyond what we could create or try currently. The idea that you could be turned into matter is mind blowing and way too dangerous to try.

Spock is a great example of science fiction. Spock is from the planet named Shi’Kahr which is inhabited by an alien race called the Vulcans. Vulcans have a physical appearance of a human but his ears are pretty long. He is the lieutenant commander and first officer under Captain James Kirk who is human. Spock also has a fighting move called the Vulcan death grip where he grabs his opponent’s neck in a certain way so that he gets knocked out instantly. Spock is obviously an example of science fiction because he is and alien. We currently do not have the slightest idea of what life could be out in space.

Next example of science fiction is Kahn and how he was located. In the episode the space seed, right after they warp into the new spaceship, they find a bunch of bodies that look like they are sleeping in little cages. Almost like some kind of science lab for testing human subjects. Than Captain Kirk used a...
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