Star Journey Masters Thesis Part 1

Topics: Consciousness, Circle, 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness Pages: 20 (4830 words) Published: March 3, 2013

790. Masters Essays and Exam

Masters Essay # 1

Star Journey Symbol Method as a

Model of Consciousness

January 6, 2012


Bob Nunley
Oliver London
Ann Nunley
Berney Williams

Submitted by
Geer, Richard H.


SectionPage Number




Charting a New Model of Consciousness4
What is a Cosmology?5
A Personal Journey of Learning6
Star Journey's Structure – The Circle Pattern7
The Cycle of Growth8
Symbolic Journey of the Self –
Exploring Levels of Conscious Experience9
Consciousness as Energy – the Stars10
Consciousness in Form – the States11
Consciousness as Being – the Star-crosses11
Inherent Abilities of Consciousness – the Gifts12
Consciousness in Transition – the Keys13
Approches of Consciousness – the Gates13
Sources of Fulfillment – the Signs14


Endnotes 16



Overview of Essays

This is the first of four essays to fulfill the requirement for the Masters Degree at Holos University. Each of the first three papers explores a different aspect of the Star Journey Symbol Method. Star Journey is a consciousness and self-development tool I conceived over forty years ago, and I have been developing it in various formats, and publishing books and teaching classes on it since that time. The fourth and final essay is a synthesis of the previous three, showing common threads in each and re-affirming the method's overall purposes.


There are two primary expressions or components of Star Journey, and these define two core purposes. It is both a tool for self-reflection and a model of consciousness itself. As a tool, Star Journey is often first encountered as a set of Symbols, ninety-six in all, which are used for self-reflection, for making decisions, solving problems, and exploring relationships. However, the backdrop for the Symbols is the framework found in the geometric Circle Pattern. It shows how the symbols are organized and how they inter-relate and together form a map of consciousness. Understanding the Circle Pattern leads to a deep yet highly accessible awareness of patterns and dynamics of life processes. It also reveals the significant role the individual self plays in shaping what we experience as the universe, as reality. The purpose of this essay is to explore Star Journey through the lens of the Circle Pattern and to demonstrate how it provides a unique, contemporary, and interactive mapping of consciousness.

Charting a New Model of Consciousness

“… Spider web …

I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
He took me flying in the air
Showed my own spider webs
Said, ’honey, you had best take care.
The world is made of spider webs
The threads are stuck to me and you
Be careful what you’re wishing for
’cause when you gain you just might lose’
You just might lose your...

Spider web …
What Ray Charles said

When you’re feelin’ lonely
When you’re hidin’ in your bed
Don’t forget your string of pearls
Don’t forget your spider web … ”

—Spider Web, lyrics by Joan Osborne

Whether it is from the earthy palette of singer/songwriter Joan Osborne, the vivid tales of Carlos Castaneda about shamanic life, the stately “Book of Changes” The I Ching, the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, or the subtle science of the psyche, astrology – we see in all of them approaches to describing the depth and...
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