Star Journey

Topics: College, Problem solving, 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Star Journey Self Reflection
July 15, 2012

Star Journey is a self-development and consciousness tool conceived by Richard Geer over forty years ago. Star Journey has 7 systems of living and 96 symbols which “are used for self-reflection, for making decisions, solving problems, and exploring relationships” (Geer, 2012).  Star Journey can be used by nurses for the care of clients.  Each person will have different interpretations based on past experiences. I had the experience to be an active participant in Star Journey and to self-reflect on a current problem/concern. A set of questions were asked to navigate the process of discovering the answer from within.  This is a summary of my encounter in Star Journey. There are seven levels of consciousness. During my discussion with Richard in Star Journey, there are six steps in the guided journey. You must be in a relaxed mood. The star symbol randomly selected from the deck of cards was the egg.  The egg is what we prepare ourselves to become which is noticed by others. The egg is something unborn. Unsolved problems or situations could change the fate of the egg. One must have a picture story with the single item (egg). The first impressions that comes to my mind of the egg is the white color, how fragile the egg is, and the egg is a product of a process.  The egg describes the “latent part of ourselves, the yet-to be”(  The keywords associated with the egg are potential, preparing, unborn, and fragile. The egg is expression of potential, a part of star-crosses-consciousness as being. The egg represents to me how to balance family, school, and work. The problem for me is time management. I’m married and have a daughter entering middle school. Six years ago, I started a home care agency providing HIV Case Management and housing for disabled clients. I will attend graduate school full-time in the Fall. I imagine me holding the egg in my hand to protect the egg from cracking or...
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