Star Apple

Topics: Apple, Caribbean, Sapotaceae Pages: 4 (677 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Star Apple Leaves
(Investigatory Project)

Presented by: Andrada, Zairah B. Submitted to: Mr. Loveroy Hipolito Duran, John Robert Ms. Erika Cid Pulido, Kim Joy

Rapiz, Jannie May
Luchavez, Joe Mart
Galacio, Eldie


We made this study about making paste in the Star Apple to help the community use the Star Apple as alternative paste instead of buying. It is a round, baseball sized fruit that when cut has a core that takes on a star shape. Pulp is soft and sweet. The Star Apple is very popular fruit in many tropical parts of the world Native to tropical America, from the Caribbean through Central America. Is now grown commercially in Central and South America as well as tropical Asia and Africa. Occasionally grown commercially in parts of South Florida. Star Apples are eaten fresh. The pulp is usually spooned out as to avoid the bitter tasting rind. The fresh fruit is also often added to salads, drinks, and other dishes. But now we are making it as a PASTE.


Chrysophyllum or also known as Star Apple is from sapoteceae families of tree. It is naturally grown in lowland of Central America and in the West Indies it usually reaches 20m in height.

The Star Apple tree can fertile itself that’s why it is called hermaphroditic it has a purplish white tiny flower that has a sweet fragrant if you smell. Its leaves are evergreen in top and golden color in the bottom its shape is simple oval and the size is 5-15cm long.

The fruit is round and the surface of the fruit is firm and smooth. Both the skin and the flesh, which is sweet and tasty, vary in color, ranging from white to purple.


Does the extract of Star Apple Leaves can turn into paste? Does...
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