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Staples, Inc.
The article “Staples 3Q Profit Rises, Lowers 2011 Outlook” published November 15, 2011 from the Daily News is about the rise of Staples, Inc. Lately Staples, Inc.'s profits have been looking up which is due to the sales of office supplies as well as the break room supplies. Due to the recession many office supply companies suffered the threat of the economy where consumers and small business held back on spending. With the lack of money coming in Staples has been doing rather well then it's other competitors such as Office Max and Office Depot where sales gradually decline. According to the article, it quotes S&P Capital IQ analyst Michael Souers saying, “We think Staples is attractive, trading well below our target price”. Staples, Inc. is hopping to buy back their shares of about 600 million. This strategy will affect the future of the company because now that the company is well off in their business having an increase of stocks helps companies raise money to help the company broaden its supplies to other nations as well as the U.S. It will help as well in other nations international states which slipped in revenue, such as the European area. The strategy that Staples, Inc. is looking to push forward seems to have an impact in all areas to help bring in more business to their company now that the economy began to slowly have a turn around for the good. A term used in this article as well as discussed in class is the word 'money'. Money means anything a society uses to purchase products, services, or resources. This word is the focus of the article because without money consumers wouldn't be able to purchase supplies. Money played a big part of this article because it talked about stocks, the economy, and other nations which all relate to the word money.
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