Standing Out in a Group

Topics: Thought, Creativity, Saudi Arabia Pages: 5 (1625 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Personal Learning Journal 1

Company Name: Fliers for Fires

Mark Pond

Over the last 5 weeks I have come to learn a lot about my group not only in terms of working in unity as one company, but each member within it on an individual level. My first impression of the group was one of surprise and ambiguity as I was a little hesitant whether or not we would work well as a team. This is due to the fact we have six members spread across three totally different countries/cultures with these being America, Australia and Saudi Arabia. When initially getting together and meeting everyone for the first time our group suffered from a mild case of shy-ness which ultimately resulted in Groupthink. This phenomenon was most prominent when we were presenting our various ideas to the rest of the group because we all tried to minimize conflict and reach a consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas.[1] Evidently, as time went on and we got to know one another on a more personal level both inside and outside of the classroom and the formation of ideas and group discussion evolved allowing us to bond as a group and establish the foundations of a promising company. Throughout the last 21 years of my life I have come to understand that I am a person of two differing characteristics. As such I have come to realize that I am both introverted and extroverted. When discussing matters as a group I become extremely introverted, unless I have pre-prepared what I wanted to say. This was prevalent in our first group meeting where we had to come up with ideas of what we could do for our project this semester. It was in this meeting that I held back from discussion and merely absorbed what others had to say. However, at the end of the meeting and after we learnt about brainstorming in class we all went away and formulated as many ideas as we could think of for potential events we could host. The following week when we re-gathered to express our ideas, I stole the thunder as I was well-prepared and had multiple proposals that could be used. It was during this meeting that our first concept (hosting a fair) was agreed upon and it so happened to be my idea that received the thumbs up/consensus from the rest of the group. After learning about Belbin’s team roles and completing the questionnaire, we as a group discovered a lot about one another. When comparing our results we discovered that we all seemed to fall under differing categories regarding our personality in terms of work ethic, organizational skills and how we could all contribute to the project. In saying so I was able to identify certain characteristics and traits from each group member, allowing me to assign them to a role within the company. My results are as follows: James Severance (CEO): Team Coordinator and monitor (great leadership skills) Luke Wilson: Shaper (due to his ability to propose various concepts on the same idea allowing us to create the best event within the idea we agree on) Alexey Potpov: Team Worker (he is good at contributing ideas and thoughts from all departments) Sarah Osman: Specialist (Sarah has excellent writing and drafting skills, as such she can specialize in editing and improving the report). Mohammed Almelahi: Team Worker, resource investigator

Mark Pond (Myself): Team Worker, Completer/finisher, Implementer

After having our idea of the fair being disproved by BUSA due to OH&S issues, we were ultimately back at square one in terms of coming up with an idea for our project. After learning further in class about creativity and types of thinking we sat down and tried to implement what we had learnt. We discovered that there are two types of thinking: 1. Vertical thinking involving rational and logical steps resulting in an evaluative decision. The second type being lateral thinking, which is not as creative or logical and often results in distracted group members where their...
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