Standars of a Retail Store

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Standards of a Retail Store
Working in a retail store takes a lot of organization and great customer-employee relation. For that reason, we have rules and policies. To have a good customer service a retail store needs a floor plan. At American Eagle we have three different areas, the sales floor, the fitting room area, and the register area. The first area is the sales floor. The sales floor is the most important area. Because it is the time we create the relation between the customer and de employee. It is vital that the employee knows how to please the customer. It is always nice to receive a genuine and individual hello and goodbye. In addition, on the sales floor, we have the merchandise, and we have to introduce our brand names. Every customer goes to the store for a special reason. Some customers are interested in the new arrivals section or the clearance area. A good way to sell is to be gentle and adapt to their needs. The second area is the fitting rooms. Fitting rooms is the area that you have to be more alert. Since they take merchandise to the fitting room, you have to be extra nice, so they don’t think you are untrusting. A good way to make first contact with customers is to exchange names. Thus, they will feel comfortable and amicable with the employee. Moreover, in the fitting room, you can share your personal testimony about the outfit you are wearing. Also you can help them suggesting key looks and incorporate to latest trends to the outfit they are wearing based on the customer individual style. Smiling is very important, so no employee should forget to smile. The last one is the register area. Being nice and sharing personal testimony is also really important for a cashier. While you charge you can have a nice talk with them so they won’t get bored. Don’t forget to ask the key question “will this be on your American eagle credit card?” Thus, you already are introducing them to the card. When you are a cashier is vital that you know all the...
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