Standardized Testing Outline

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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I. Introduction
1. Should standardized test be required in public schools or not? 2. The issue is from why standardize test be require in public schools. 3. Private schools do not require it or even home scholars, to see why a public school should. 4. Standardized tests should not be required because of how relevance on how they grade students on it. 5. I believe that each year that goes the scores gets worse and worse over time. II. Background

1. As time passes I would say that standardize tests are getting worse as time goes by. 2. For TAKS scores of 2010 to 2011, math TAKS dropped 2 percent, 1 percent in english, and 1 percent in reading. Public schools offer standardize tests if student would like to compare their education to public school where it does not count against them. Where people are home schooled the parent gets to make their own tests for their student or child. As for the time of today home schooled and private school are doing better than public schools on grades, tests, gpa, and even graduation rates. 3. This is why I strongly agree that standardized tests should not be required. III. Lines of Argument

A. Least important reason
1. With TAKS scores dropping I believe that it is because of the way the tests are made than how the teacher taught it to their student. 2. “Nationwide, average scores were down a point in reading and writing, and unchanged from a year ago in math.” (Dallas News) these standardized tests will get worse as time goes by because of all of its history and trying to get a teacher to teach what they want and in the right order. 3. In the pass, standardized tests were more on taking students on better educated tests then now instead of making their answer choices more confusing. 4. As for time their tests started to get more confusing for students to understand what they are being asked for. 5. “Since students do not receive equal educations, holding identical expectations for all students places the poorer ones at a disadvantage.” (McGraw-Hill Higher Education) This quote is because of how teachers teach as in not all history teaches the same thing the same way as others teaches as a higher degree teacher he would most likely know more than a new or lower degree teacher in the way students learn. 6. Having a teacher that has taught for multi years will have more experience than one that has just started teaching. 7. Like if you had a teacher who was new to the school business they would not know how to treat their students or teach it the best way as for the one who has been there for years of experience. 8. This is why I think standardized testing should be stopped or to be change to let their teacher create the test for them because they would know their kids better than the state. B. Most important reason

1. Standardized test has not improved student achievements. 2. “50-80% of year-over-year test score improvements were temporary and "caused by fluctuations that had nothing to do with long-term changes in learning” (ProCon) tests has either stayed the same or decreased a bit. 3. As to the thesis standardized tests has not improve in learning from when it was started back then. 4. While we have been having standardized testing it was to see if we meet a standard but instead of having that standard we should be trying to raise it instead of a pass or fail. 5. “Standardized tests are unfair and discriminatory, because students with diverse backgrounds and skill levels are expected to answer questions written for the white, abled majority.” (Individualized Education Plans) for most of the history tests it is about what the American had done to get their instead of teaching about other religious instead of what the country had done instead. 6. To being a difference race or having a diverse background it would mean more to the student if he was learning about his culture instead of American culture. 7....
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