Standardized Testing in Washington State

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Standardized Testing in Washington State

By | May 2011
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A standardized test is a test that is performed and scored in a “standard” manner. All standardized tests must be designed in a way so that the questions, scoring procedures, conditions while performing the test, and interpretations are consistent. The purpose of standardized test is to be able to assess all students with one common standard. Standardized test scores are considered much more reliable than the grades found on students’ Grade Point Average due to different factors such as the teacher’s difficulty, bias, and teaching style. The role of standardized test is to provide a meaningful numerical indicator to assist the admissions committee to make reliable comparisons between students. The Higher Education Coordinating Board of Washington State must decide extremely carefully and think through all the benefits and consequences for whether or not to introduce new standardized tests in all Washington State colleges and universities. The HECB will come to a realization that standardized tests are in fact an inaccurate reflection of a student’s true potential and knowledge one really possess.

Students might take standardized tests in order to meet one of the college admission criteria. But not only students take standardized tests, people who are seeking jobs might need to take these tests as well to meet the requirements of a job. Almost all universities in the United States require applicants to have taken any kind of standardized tests such as TOEFL, SAT, or ACT because only these tests will provide the universities with a numerical indicator which the university will use to compare students. Standardized test results are very important in the stage when the school decides which applicants to accept or reject. However, universities should not make admission decisions solely based on the scores of established standardized tests because they do not assess other skills which students usually think are more important. Writer Eleanor Martin in her essay,...

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