Standardized Testing

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Casual Essay Annotated Bibliography
Ingernira. “Examination and Standardized Testing: How to Improve Evaluations of Students.” HubPages. HubPages. n.d. Web. 11 March. 2013.
The focus Ingernira pinpoints on in the article is recognizing that testing is required to gauge how much the student learned however, I feel that testing is needed to establish the financial solutions for each state and school to determine rather or not they will be able to receive a grant. Also the article elaborates that the student should be tested on what they’re good at and for the students who aren’t able to test well should be able to have incentives. Since testing has become a must in schools now it should be done at no harm to the student and the school should have guidelines and minimize the negative effects on test. I will use this article to help me elaborate more and give tips to different ways standardized testing should be done. This article will help my argument by giving a different view on ways students should be tested. McKinney, Brennan. “Standardized Tests: Support, Criticism, and How it Affects Teachers and Children.” Yahoo Voices, Web. 17 Dec. 2010.

McKinney Brennan looks at how teachers feel about standardized testing and how it affects their voices in order to be able to teach the students there way. Throughout the summary standardized testing is pretty clear that the goals for the teacher and students are that the student needs to learn and the teacher is supposed to be teaching. However, this method has backlash because the teachers and the school have little to say about what content is put on the test and it’s up to the government to decide and there not with the students every day. Also, the teacher’s feel the test is too difficult, broad, and not age appropriate which causes the students to fail and make the state and school look bad. I will use this article to illustrate the teacher’s point of view behind standardized testing. This...
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