Standardized, Seriously?

Topics: Standardized test, Education, Psychometrics Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Standardized, Seriously?
Shannon Kathleen Hough
AP/IB English 3b
Mr. Knight
Period 1
March 16, 2011

Separating people according to academic success is not the right path to make children take their education seriously. For the past 14 years I have seen this firsthand. If a child is going to take their education seriously it’s because of brainwashing, natural fondness of school, or that their afraid of turning out like their parents. This is just merely my observation categorizing every situation is nearly impossible. I have always been a borderline child right in the middle of the elite students and the other students… in addition my younger brother is an exceptionally intelligent dyslexic student, he would do great on a test if he was a fluent reader. Saul Schacter brings up a reasonable point about kids education, yet there are flaws in his system; taking placement tests aren’t always accurate, parents force kids into academic elite whether they care or not, and finally kids with disabilities may take their education very seriously but are unable to pass a placement test. It’s difficult to judge someone’s future based on one test, though Schacter would like to try. Some of the most elite universities such as Yale or Harvard do not even glance at standardized tests because there aren’t very accurate for their main purpose. These tests do not have a lot of credibility presently. When schools separate students into those who passed the test in one school and another school for students who fail there would be extreme resentment. Another source, Journal of Educational Psychology, exploits that “Standardized-test scores often measure superficial thinking.” Furthermore Mr. Schacter might be surprised by this statement because his system is supposed to find “hardworking and conscientious” students who take their education seriously. If a test like this could accurately demonstrate if a student takes their education seriously it would be...
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