Standardized English Proficiency Test Ploicy

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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Most of the professors in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages strongly suggest that an English major should reach an acceptable score of a standardized English proficiency test (e.g., TOEIC, IELTS) before graduation. Otherwise, he or she should not be qualified for graduating with a college diploma. Do you agree or disagree with such policy? Support your arguments with specific examples. • Write your essay in the box.

|As time changes, the opportunities of studying at college are more than the past. Then, more and more people can get the| |college diploma easily. However, due to the change it can devaluate the importance of the college diploma, so that | |getting a professional license or attending proficiency test seems to become a trend. Hence, I agree with such policy. | |The students, especially English majors, have to reach an acceptable score of a standardized test before graduation. | |There are three reasons below. | |First of all, doing well on the English proficiency test is a convincible certification for the English major. Because | |of stereotype, most people may think English majors’ English abilities of are pretty well. In order to show their | |professional abilities, the majors have to past or reach an acceptable score of a standardized English proficiency test.| |For example, when a major takes a part time to be an English tutor, the certification is a good tool to prove his | |English abilities. | |Secondly, the policy can remain the quality of Applied Foreign Languages Department. As the English major, the courses | |at college must relate to plenty of English ability trainings. Therefore, the policy can urge the majors’ learning and | |let the majors’ professional abilities be up to a level after training for four...
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