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Standardize Measurement

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Standardize Measurement

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There are only a handful of countries that use the English standard of measurement. Culturally, we have grown very accustomed to the inch and the mile, but those who in the culture of science have always used the Metric System!! Hearing of something so silly as a mismatched unit of measure costing NASA (and tax payers) $125 million dollars- not to mention an incredible opportunity to explore another planet- is ludicrous. I mean, I recently finished the practice quiz for chapter one, and I got some of the conversions wrong- miscalculations do happen! However, if there was only ONE standard, there would never be the need to switch units and no reason for numbers ever to be mismatched!

Therefore, I think a standardization would be ideal. Keep things simple! If everyone was using the same standard, there would be a universal language of measurement. There would never be a need to convert anything. However, this isn't something you can just switch- this would be a major change. A global switch to Metric would affect everything from how things are shipped around the world to how things are manufactured to how experiments (on and off this planet) are conducted- our view (specifically the “American” view) would have to change drastically . Most people probably have not read this article, so they are rather indifferent about a standard, however could you imagine the error was made weighing out a Gold Standard!? Having said that, I don't think it could ever happen.

On a global level, the United States actually ranks very low on standardized math scores. We, myself included, have a hard enough time with the English standards let alone Metric Conversion. This is all projection, but I could imagine the future headlines reading “Metric Conversion- UnAmerican!” (afterall, the French use the Metric System). We are very used to doing things a certain way and nobody likes to sudden and drastic change.

I do feel that it would be for the better- even if it were limited say...

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