Standardization Versus Customization

Topics: Want, Fast food, Times Square Pages: 4 (1645 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Nowadays most of the industries are normally using standardization and customization for their business. The standardization can be defined as formulation, publication, implementation of guidelines, and rules for common and repeated use. It uniform the methods, technical, skills, processes and criteria to let the process of a work become easier and faster. However, customization is different compare with standardization. The definition of customization is process the work according the needs of an individual for the satisfactions. This kind of system is normally high on cost because it just specifies on a product until the customer satisfy for what he needed. In this essay, we will able to know more about these two systems by using the examples of McDonald and Subway. Most of the hospitality industries now are using standardization for their business. The standardization includes of the menu, table layout, welcoming guest, interior design, hygiene, and the product. McDonald is a good example to support this system. McDonald uniforms the staff by wearing the same uniform. All of the McDonald in the whole world are using the same recipe to process the product. That means no matter which McDonald we go, the taste of the product and the size will be the same. Besides that, the way staff welcoming guest also are standardized. All the staff are train to be polite and always smile when meet the guest. This can let the guest feel more pleasant and will be more patient while waiting for their food. If the staff won’t smile and their behavior is very bad, the guest will also be affected by the staff and will occurs some problem like quarrel. The advantages of standardization are more efficiency, predictability and calculability. When we standardize everything, all work will process quickly. For example, McDonald divided their staffs into many part. Each of the person will only have to do the part he in charge. About the calculability, because all the things are being...
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