Standardization of Labor, American as a Single Serving, Deep Fried, Apple Pie.

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Standardization of Labor, American as a single serving, deep fried, apple pie.

Give an inviting welcome. Go out of your way to make a customer’s day- surprise them by lifting their spirits. Greet every customer immediately to make them feel welcome and valued. Smile at every customer and teammate. Make eye contact with every customer and put a smile in your voice. This is a small excerpt from page seven of Little Red Book: recipes for Hospitality, by Pizza Hut a book that is only fifteen pages long. It is roughly four inches tall by three inches wide give or take a few centimeters. This whole book is filled with these little recipes for providing outstanding customer service. That word outstanding is really important. If a person is given this book and they read it, a process that should take no more than five minutes, they will now be the world’s leading foremost authority on customer service, and supposedly will be able to provide customer service on levels unmatched by anyone else. If this sounds asinine, it’s because it is. A fifteen page pocket book cannot possibly train anyone on something as complex as customer service, but every Pizza Hut employee, from the delivery driver to the area district manager, is told, and is expected to believe that this book will make them an authority on the subject. It is but one of many examples of how standardization has dominated the American, and even the world’s job market. In businesses across the world employees are being handed books just like the Little Red Book and being told this will make them an authority on a subject. This standardization, in areas such as policy, technology, and extreme paces is exactly the kind of thing that is deskilling the labor force. This is a completely dysfunctional effect on humanity in general. It is often seen in our society that jobs like fast food, retail and food service industries are a teenager’s...
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