Standardization and Team Members

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd
PolyProd has a big issue on their hands when it comes to cohesion within the teams and with their documentation process within the headquarters and the four other plants that they maintain in Africa, Asia, Canada, and Europe. Throughout this case study we repeatedly see the difficulties that are faced not only with the workers of the teams but also within the management styles and actions taken. Each of the different plants are trying to branch out on their own and do business by themselves as autonomous units and for the company to work together as a whole this cannot be taking place. There are broken processes at each of the different plants and it is not working at all for the company. If they continue down this path and continue failing to improve the current information management practices within the company, it could cost PolyProd millions of dollars in direct expenses and could ultimately contribute to long-term market share declines in their products.

An in depth analysis of this case study uncovers many obstacles for the company to overcome if they wish to move things in the right direction it all has to start with the management team. The biggest flaw that there is, is an inadequate amount of training all the way around. The company is promoting production workers laterally to technical writing supervisor’s positions and they are not training them at all or providing them with any type of mentoring. How can they expect to just throw an employee into a position that is different from the previous one and just expect them to get up and run with it? By doing so this is creating unlimited amounts of efficiency and quality problems within those departments. After training, nothing else can take place and be effective until the management team as a whole gets on the same page about how they want to and how they will proceed to improve the processes and best...
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