Standard or Social Norms in Accounting

Topics: Finance, Sociology, Standardization Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 10, 2013
In current social business, the written standard plays a significant role in finance report. Accounting Standard is a regulation that requires publicly traded companies to follow certain accounting rules when presenting financial statements so that the readers can easily compare different companies. Standards require more formal enforcement mechanisms, often supported by implicit or explicit power of the state to impose punishment (Sunder, 2005). The most authoritative accounting standard IAS/IFRS are widespread acceptance and adoption in more than 100 countries, as well as the implications of these standards for the accounting and auditing professions. The harmonization of accounting standards has made considerable progress within a relatively short period of time (Camfferman, Zeff 2006). Social norms are the practice of finance report based on general principle. Simply stated, it provides a conceptual basis for accountants to follow instead of a list of detailed rules (Rebecca, Mark 2010). Principle-based accounting is starting with the federal regulation of securities, maintained through an informal process of social as well as internal sanctions(Kathy,2010). Recent year, the failures of accounting and auditing raise queries about the prevalent way which is transform from norms to standards. “Some aspects of local, social, national and international behaviors continue to be governed by mechanisms in which norms play an important role. The accounting standardization becomes a pendulum matter which is concerned by people” (Sunder, 2009). Current article is going to try to research and discuss the both side of the social norms and written standard in corporate financial reporting. Accounting standard contribute to social finance in following ways. Firstly, accountants can access to detailed implementation guidance to increase financial accuracy as well as reduce the ambiguity by the rule-based system. When financial reporting issues arise, the accountant can...
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