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Suggested format for Preparation of Major Project Report for “Master of Business Administration” MBA IV Semester

1. Arrangement of Contents:
a) Cover Page (Appendix – I, Inner cover page should be as main cover page ) b) Title Page (Same as cover Page)
c) Declaration (Appendix – II)
d) Certificate by Guide – III)
e) Certificate by examiners (Appendix – IV)
f) Acknowledgement from students (Appendix – V)
g) List of Symbols
h) List of abbreviations
i) List of Tables
j) List of figures
k) Table of contents (Appendix – VI)
l) Chapter : Introduction (Appendix – VII)
m) Format of Bibliography(Appendix – VIII)
2. Description of the work ( to be divided into following chapters) Chapter – I : Introduction
Chapter – II : Research Methodology
Chapter – III : Company profile
Chapter – IV : Data Analysis and Interpretations Chapter – V : Conclusions & Suggestions

3. Report dimension & Binding specifications:
The dimension of the project report should be in A4 size and must be hard bound with plastic jacket. It is suggested that the cover page should be in Cream Colour to the background. The printing in the cover page should be in black colour.

4. Paper & Typing dimension.
Milk white papers which do not deteriorate rapidly are to be used. The paper must be with informally even edges. Photocopies should be on copy bond available at most reproduction centers. The report should be typed in one side of the paper only. Whole of the report (expect the cover and title page) should be typed in Times New Roman font size of 12, justified and a line spacing of 1.5 left ,Margin 3 cm, Right margin 2 cm. Top margin 2.5 cm and Bottom margin 3.5 cm to be maintained. In case of mathematical expressions equation editor is to be used. Each chapter should start at a fresh page with a heading of a chapter (Appendix – VII)

5. Pagination
Each page must have a number designation, though numbers may be at center at the bottom of the page and pages of chapter heading if the student prefers. All pages must be numbered consecutively as follows: • Lower-case Roman numerals (i.e., i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, etc.) are used for preliminary pages. The numerals appear at the right bottom of the page, approximately ½” above the bottom. • Arabic numerals (i.e, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) are used for the body of the thesis/project. The numerals appear in the right bottom corner of the page, approximately ½” up from the bottom and ½” in from the right margin. • Material inserted after final typing should be numbered as in this example: 21, 21a, 21b, etc. This expedient should be used sparingly. Appendices and the bibliography or reference list should be numbered consecutively with the rest of the thesis.

6. Caption of figure & tables.
Caption of figure and table should be provided at the bottom of the table and diagram. Captions should be italicized and should be at the center. Figure and table numbers should be in tune with the chapter numbers (e.g. the first figure of the chapter I should be numbered as Fig.1.1, first figure of chapter II should be numbered as Fig. 2.1 and so on.

7. Bibliography (Appendix – VIII)

8. Guard Sheets
A blank white page (Preferably thick) must be placed at the beginning and end of the report.

Appendix – I

Major Project Report
“Title of the Project”

(Times New Roman, Bold, Font size 18 & 1.5 Line spacing)

Submitted for partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree


Master of Business Administration
(Font Size 16)


Session 2008-10(Font Size ‘16’)

Supervision By Submitted by Name of the Guide...
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