Standard English vs. the World

Topics: English language, United States, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (1325 words) Published: July 17, 2008
Standard English Vs. The World

It seems today that Standard English is taking over the world. Standard English is the main language many countries call their national language. Even foreign countries are starting to use the English language more often. The University even offers English Second Language classes so that foreigners can learn English. Everyone in today’s society as we know, speak English. It’s almost universal. The way I see it, is there are 2 kinds of people in this world. People who speak English and people who wish to speak English. There are many reasons why one would wish to speak English. One reason being is that the United States is the most powerful country in the world. Even back in the day, it was a dream for any immigrant to be living in the United States. It’s the land of the free; a land where one can worship whomever he wants to worship. It’s where the people have a say on who leads our country and how he/she leads it. America is where men, women, black people, white people, brown people, yellow people, gays, straights, Christians and atheists all have equal rights. America is also where one has the right to speak whatever he wants to be spoken. But it is hard for one to speak and be understood if he/she does not speak, write, or comprehend Standard English. Being able to fully comprehend the English language puts you ahead of anyone who doesn’t. Especially if one wants to be successful and make it in the United States of America. Even knowing a little Standard English puts you ahead of the rest that don’t know any at all. There is no such job that doesn’t require talking, or better yet, doesn’t require communicating. Simply put; want to make it in America? You best be learning English. Our country started off as 13 small colonies, all being owned by England. Our country was practically born English. Our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights, even our money is all written in English. Even if...
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