Standard Engineering Procedures

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This procedure defines responsibilities for providing Engineering Department employee training, reporting requirements, and documentation of training completed.


THE COMPANY will provide training of personnel to assure that each project is staffed with personnel who possess the technical knowledge and skill to use the most current tools available. This training will be conducted through various industry and in-house resources. Literature and tools, when conveniently available, will be used to assist in this training. Training is tracked through the Human Resources database.


3.1 Engineering Manager

1.Communicates goals and requests budgets for training within engineering.

2.Approves requests for training expenses.

3.Ensures that this procedure is being followed.

3.2 Department Discipline Lead

1.Identifies persons to be trained and what training will be done, and schedules when and where the training is to be performed. This is done on behalf of, and following the guidance of the Engineering Manager and remaining within the budget set by the Engineering Manager. The training program is set up to best accomplish the overall goal of assuring that each project has personnel with current technical knowledge and skills.

2.Prepares necessary requests for funding and submits to the Engineering Manager for approval.

3.The Department Discipline Lead shall coordinate the training duties or appoint a training coordinator for the department.

4.Prepares an annual training plan indicating topics for which training is required, personnel to be trained, instructors, schedule, and estimate of department training budget.

3.3 Department Training Coordinator

With guidance from the Department Discipline Lead, the department training coordinator does the following:

1.Arranges for a presenter or instructor for each subject to be presented.

2.Arranges for a conference room or other location for instruction.

3.Schedules each training session.

4.Informs personnel to be trained of the training session.

5.Keeps track of who will attend each training session.

6.Makes a roster showing the subject, location, duration, presenter and company affiliation, date, and persons attending. A standard training roster Form QSP-ENG-01-01 is attached.

7.Turns the roster over to Human Resources for tracking of all...
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