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According to the universalistic perspective, organizations from different sectors, across industries, and through different time periods should use a series of select human resource management practices (HRMP). The main principle of this paper is to investigate whether there is any relationship between HRMPs and organizational performance, regarding Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh. This study aims to investigate the relationship of training, employee participation, and selection with perceived organizational performance in the context of Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh. This study is co-relational in nature and it will examine the correlation among these variables. A single set of sample will be considered for this study and that will be the employees of Standard Chartered Bank. A set of structured questionnaire will be distributed among 200 respondents. Regression analysis will be conducted for the purpose of data analysis.

Origin of the Report
The BBA internship program is a mandatory requirement for the students who are graduating from the BBA program under the School of Business of North South University, Bangladesh.

In the internship program, I was attached to a host organization named ‘Standard Chartered Bank’ for 12 weeks. During this period I learned how the host organization works with the help of the internal supervisor. As a result I have decided to write a report on “A universalistic perspective for explaining the relationship between HRM practices and organizational performance – in context of Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh”.

During the three months of work experience with Standard Chartered Bank on this internship program, I was placed in the Human Resource division of the bank. I joined on September 1st 2007. This department manages recruitment, training, and career progression plan. Standard Chartered Bank highlights the importance of developing its people to create a culture of customer service, innovation, teamwork, and professional excellence.


The Standard Chartered Group is an unusual banking business. Although its roots are clearly British, its area of operations, its network, and indeed its profit stream are overwhelmingly international. The name Standard Chartered comes from two original banks from which it was founded. One of the banks is the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China and the other bank is the Standard Bank of British South Africa. In Bangladesh, Standard Chartered Bank is one of the leading multinational banks. To maintain its leading position in the Bangladesh, SCB has always been keen to develop long-term beneficial relationship with trustworthy clients. To achieve this end, they have always upgraded their approaches to achieve top-level performance. This up gradation is especially apparent in its HR activities. There are numerous human resource management principles (or HRMP) that seek to rectify and streamline the HR activities of an organization. Standard Chartered Bank’s HR processes, quality-wise, are one of the top-grades in the country. Among these HRM practices, training, employee participation and employee selection processes are instrumental in aiding a business thrive in its area. This research paper seeks to establish whether these three HRM practices have managed to augment the perceived organizational performance of Standard Chartered Bank (Bangladesh).


The Banking Industry in Bangladesh is one characterized by strict regulations and monitoring from the central governing body, the Bangladesh Bank. The chief concern is that currently there are far too many banks for the market to sustain. As a result, the market will only accommodate only those banks that can transpire as the most competitive and profitable ones in the future. Currently, the major financial institutions under the banking system include: * Bangladesh Bank * Commercial Banks * Islamic Banks| * Leasing...
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