Standard American English Is Necessary in Order to Success Highly in Life

Topics: United States, Chinese language, English language Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Standard American English is Necessary in Order to Success Highly in Life

People in the America have been developing their own words for a long time. Therefore, American English is divided into two main categories: Stand American English and non-Standard American English. Standard American English is the type of American English that is used for network broadcast or other national public environment. On the other hand, non-Standard American English is the type of English that is used informal environment. As American English is divided into two categories, people, who support one category and against another category, came out: prescriptivist and descriptivist. Prescriptivist thinks that people should stop developing their own words and obey the traditional grammar rules. On the other hand, descriptivist thinks people should keep what they have now and develop more. They both have their point of view. However, prescriptivist is supportable, because it is necessary to use Standard American English in order to success highly in life. People who use standard American English make people feel that they are highly educated, so people will give them more respect. MacNeil states, “Not only white teachers, but many African – American instructors, despise the ‘street talk’ or ‘slang’ as they call it, and often treat the children as if they were stupid or uneducable” (147). People always have a feeling that people, who speak “street talk or slang”, are stupid. On the other hand, people think the people, who speak Standard American English, are more educated than the people who do not. People who speak Standard American English frequently and correctly show that they know Standard American English very well and can use it very well too. And people will always think that people who know Standard American English and can speak it very well is because they are highly educated. While people think that you are highly educated, people will think that you are worth to...
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