Stand by Me Essay

Topics: Rob Reiner, Los Angeles, Stand by Me Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: October 6, 2012
The film ‘Stand by Me’ shows how characters unearth self-shaping thing about themselves. Intro: The film ‘Stand by Me’, produced in 1986 by director Rob Reiner, set in the town of Castle rock in 1959 demonstrates how a group of four young boys undertake an incredible and self-discovering journey, which in turn, allows them to uncover untouched things about themselves. Para 1: An illustration of how self-discovery is supplied in the film can be shown through the lead character, Gordie. At the beginning of the film Gordie Lachance is distinguished as a very sensitive, intelligent and unconfident person, who has lost and older brother and is ignored by his parents, this makes it very difficult for Gordie to believe he can achieve his dreams of becoming a writer. Even though he has the support and encouragement of his best friend Chris and their gang, “You’re going to be a great write someday Gordie”, It is clearly seen through the film that Gordie is uneasy and unaware of his hidden talent, “what do you do?, I don’t know.” By partaking in the journey to find the dead body of a missing local, Gordie experiences many difficulties and gut-wrenching times on the journey with his friends, however every experience allows him to understand his needs and wants better than ever before. By the end of the film Gordie is developed into a confident, strong and mature boy, who learns he can achieve his brightest dreams no matter what his circumstances are. Para 2: Another example of self-discovery shown in the film is understood through another member of the gang, Vern. At the beginning of the film Vern is seen as the chubby, clumsy and reluctant member of the boys. He is extremely cautious and wary, and tries to keep to the safest paths in his way, ”I think it’s safest to follow the tracks. Okay guys wait for me.” Vern is a thoughtful member of the gang and he is always heard encouraging his group, “Don’t worry about him, your father is a war hero.” As he partakes in the...
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