Stand by Me by Stephan King

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A Journey of a Different Kind
Stand by Me
By: Stephen King
Literary Analysis Essay

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Would you ever want to be in some of these situations? Stephen King’s movie “Stand by Me,” is a movie about a group of four twelve year old boys; Gordie Lachance, Chris Chambers, Teddy Duchamp and Vern Tessio who set off on an adventure to locate the body of a dead boy. This film has a reoccurring theme of showdowns. The boys run into numerous breathtaking and sad showdowns that keep on occurring on their quest to find the dead boy.

Ace is one of Chris’s older brother Eyeball best friends. Chris and Gordie were walking down the sidewalk one day to meet Teddy and Vern, when they run into Ace and Eyeball. Ace grabs Gordie’s Yankee hat that he got from his brother Denny who has recently passed away. Chris immediately stands up for Gordie and says, “You’re a real asshole you know that.” Ace grabs Chris and has him in a headlock lying on the sidewalk and threatens to burn Chris’s face. Chris gives in to Ace and he releases him. It actually seemed like Chris felt stronger then Ace but he gave in because he knew he wasn’t going to win against the older boys.

Teddy is one of the younger ones in the group. He is the craziest and one who enjoys thrills. Teddy tries to face against an oncoming train at the beginning of the boys’ trek. He says he wants to make a dramatic train dodge. As the train was getting closer he says “train dodge, dig it.” Just before the train hit him, Chris grabs Teddy and forces him out of harms way. I do not know what was running through Teddy’s mind but as the train was getting closer he did not move an inch. Obviously, his love for thrills was readily evident in this thrill seeking stint.

Ace and his group of boys set out on the highway to find this dead body. Ace pulls up to some locals who seem to have a history of racing cars with him. They decide to have a car race. The driver yells,...
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