Stan Lee

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Stanley Martin Lieber

“I think you never out grow your love of these stories of giants, ogre and witches, super heroes’ comics give you that for older people.”

Stanley Martin Lieber, also known as Stan Lee was born in Manhattan, lived there most of his young live. Two of his biggest influences were books and movies. He loved Tarzan, Jules Vern, King Kong he loved anything that was imaginative. His favorite hero was Errol Flynn.

Stan lee has affected the world in many different ways. One of the ways he impacted the world is by his writing. To the people who don’t who he is he is an American comic writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. Now that you know who he is lets proceed. Stan Lee was born in New York City on December 28, 1922. As a teen he attended Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. He graduated high school at the age of 16. As a kid Stan Lee enjoyed writing and dreamed of becoming an important American writer, which he did.
He married Joan Clayton Boocock on December 5, 1947 and by the 1949 they bought a two story, three bedroom house at 1084 West Broadway in Woodmere, New York. By the 1950 they had a daughter named Joan Celia Lee. In 1953 they had another child named Jan Lee, which unfortunately died three days after she was born.

When he started in comics he was hired by Joe Simon who was the editor of Timely Comics. He was hired as an assistant, he got their coffee, he did proofreading and whatever had to be done really. Once they found out he could write a little bit they let him write some of the scripts. At that point the two people that ran the business left and he was the only guy at the department left. By that time he was 17 years old and the publisher, Martin Goodman asked him if he was able to be the editor until he was able to get someone more cable for the job.

Why Marvel?
The reason why they decided to be Marvel...
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