Stalin vs. Hitler

Topics: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Nazism Pages: 8 (3149 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Stalin Vs. Hitler

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the most powerful dictators, as well as individually performing the largest political suppressions of the twentieth century. The difference between the two has always been perceived as which side of the World War II they fought on, meaning Stalin was viewed as the ‘good guy’ and Hitler as the ‘bad guy’. Hitler in history is written as the evil dictator, planning to take over the world and the suppression and murder of over 6 million Jews, where Stalin does not have this title due to his support for the allies in WWII. Where the debate between these two men starts is when knowing that Stalin actually suppressed his people in the Soviet Union double the amount of what Hitler ever wanted to achieve within Germany, Stalin by the end of WWII had killed upwards to 10 million of his own people. This is where the argument can be made that winners write history because Stalin is never put on the same scale against Hitler in terms of horrible political agendas and too what scale they suppressed. When comparing these two men, what is concrete is that these men only wanted one thing and that was taking their country to worldwide dominance with them as the pure and only leader of their respective nations. As proved many times throughout history, dictators will go to any means necessary to achieve ultimate supremacy. What is interesting to studying is both of these men were in power virtually around the same time when both of their countries where in horrible economic times, both of them had very separate visions on how to get their countries back on track with the western world, but what is similar is that they had specific groups that needed to be suppressed if their were to gain ultimate power and achieve their outlying goals. It can be said Stalin and Hitler came into their positions with different political objectives but in turn used similar suppression tactics to follow through with their personal objectives. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin both felt their leadership was necessary to make their respective countries dominate on the international scale, economically and politically. The way they went about achieving this was through different political viewpoints. Joseph Stalin political objectives were of those who influenced him, which was using Marxist ideologies to make the Soviet Union an economic superpower. His main idea was that he wanted the use of socialism in one country because he was worried the current combination of state and private enterprises was ruining the economy of the USSR. Many citizens felt uneasy about being surrounded by hostile capitalist states as well, which in any future economic crisis other states might try again to invade the workers state, only an industrially strong USSR would have the military capacity to defeat such a threat. It is clear Stalin believed that fundamentally changing the economic policy to industrial based initiatives through collectivization and industrialization was a way of continuing Vladimir Lenin’s revolutionary work and successfully performing a revolution that would establish his position as one of the great revolutionary Marxist leaders. On the other side, Hitler had other plans, he wanted to bring Germany out of the ashes from WWI and get over the reparations the country had to pay from the Treaty of Versailles. The people were in horrible economic times and wanted solid leadership to get the country back on track. Hitler and the Nazi party claimed to be a revolutionary movement offering a ‘third way’ between the uncontrolled markets of capitalism and the planned economy of socialism and communism. Hitler promised to the people that he would create a new order consisting of a classless national society. This new order was referred to as the ‘Second Revolution” and wanted to re-educate the German people, the main feature was to radically restructure German society so that the prevailing class, religious...
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