Stalin the Myth Surrounding Stalin

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Assignment 03

Part 1 Stalin

What does this source tell us about the creation of myth surrounding Stalin?

Krushchev on Stalin

He argues that under Lenin was a “collectable leadership” with which they discussed political strategy. Stalin was power-hungry who repressed those who would stand up for their opinion, he didn't listen to the people and attacked those who supported him. Using the idea of “Enemy of the people” to justify his actions.

“It is clear that here Stalin showed in a whole series of cases his intolerance, his brutality, and his abuse of power......”

He regarded Stalin who's idea of rule was a copy of the original revolution. He compares Lenin to Stalin, “Here we see no wisdom but only a demonstration of the brutal force which had once so alarmed V.I. Lenin.”

“Lenin used severe methods only in the most necessary cases, when the exploiting classes were still in existence and were vigorously opposing the revolution, when the struggle for survival ….” It is clear that the repressions were established by Lenin after the revolution.

This is one of the myths that fuel ideas about Stalin. Others give their views about Stalin and their stories of the said accounts.

Scott, makes assumptions about the purges without evidence, he experienced stalinism first hand. He suggests that the purges were about the control of administration,using the documents of the criminal code of the R.S.F.S.R - “Any action is counter – revolutionary which is directed towards the overthrow, undermining, or weakening of the power of the workers and peasants....”

Scott was in no position to know what they were up to. He argues that workers were able to use the rise of the purges to control management of the factories, their superiors were put in prison. Scott recalls that some arrests created opportunity for social mobility and shows how the arrests created fear and protests.

“ Incidents of this kind, occurred in various parts of the...
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