Stalin - Man of Steel

Topics: Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, Russia Pages: 16 (5644 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
Political Science and International Relations

Fall 2010

Moder political History – PS 120

Mark Wheeler/ Maja Savic

STALIN – man of steel:

fanatical revolutionary and energetic statesman or
only a psychopath and a dictator?


Decembar, 2010.

Stalin – man of steel: fanatical revolutionary and energetic statesman oronly a psychopath and a dictator?

I. Introduction

Joseph Visarionovich Stalin is one of the most complex figures of 20th century . The man who was able to concentrate all the power of the Russian people and tradition, to create and manage the first socialist country in the world, and to transform it from a modest agrarian country into a global superpower, still after the 50 years, remains an enigma.

Country wich he led and represented for many years was personified in his dictatorial, charismatic figure. The Bolshevik revolutionary, with a modest Georgian origin has succeeded with the state security apparatus, harsh measures of repression and exploitation of camps on a large scale, to fully control the construction of the Soviet social, political, educational and cultural reality based on the utopian desires and piles of dead. In just three decades, he has managed to swich Russia from a wooden plow to the nuclear age, offsetting the progress that other states have accomplished for centuries. The price that was paid for it; 20 million lives lost to Stalin was just a statistic..

Often identified with the name, which he himself elected, “The man of steel“, Stalin was a dictator of the worst kind. Drawing its power from the will of the people, by forcing the greatest sufferings, then thought out propaganda, promising a better tomorrow, he was a cruel, calculated statesman and politician. Although without no real military skills, with his maneuvers and determination, he succeeded in post war negotiations, outplaying Churchill and Roosevelt, he defended the Russian capital and managed to march the Red Army in Berlin, and overthrown Hitler from the throne. Caucasian banditry and political violence, combined with a ruthless ideology, enabled Stalin rule of the Kremlin and the creation of Soviet Union in his own distorted picture, that eventually completely changed world order.

However, that same statesman and politician, certainly could not rise above the intellectual mediocrity that has determined him from the very beginning.. He could not understand that by modernizing society and stimulating mass education, in fact, contrary to his wishes, he was poisoning the spirit of nation and prepareing Russia to break with Stalinism. In perpetual fear of real and imagined enemies, he lived a life marked by paranoia and a mistrust to everyone. Stalin that the people celebrated as the Father of the nation and the biggest geniuses in the history of mankind, there lived a reclusive and lonely living, having just trust in authority and power that he had in its hands. Although his crimes are still remembered, the figure of Stalin and his achievements have quickly fallen into oblivion.

Part I: unhappy childhood - as a trigger of cruelty and brutality

Born as Joseph Džugašvili (he later added in his name Visaorionović and Stalin, which means man of steel), born on December 21. 1879, in Gori (Georgia) [1], as a child of peasant shoemaker, Stalin had no predisposition to grow into one of the biggest enigmas and personalities of the 20th century. His childhood was marked by poverty and a bad attitude by his father towards his son. As a result of unfulfilled ambition in shoemaker craft, inability to provide food for his family, and to rise in a reputable member of the middle class,Stalin's father, Besarion Džugašvili became rowdy and a drunkard. Besarion eased his dissatisfaction in excessive enjoyment of alcohol (famous Russian vodka) or the relentless abuse and neglect of his son, who usually did not deserve it,...
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