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Joseph Stalin
Stalin was a dictator of the U.S.S.R from 1929 until 1953. He rose from bitter poverty to become ruler of the country that covered one sixth of all the land area in the world. Stalin ruled by terror for most of his years in office. He didn't allow anybody to say anything about his ideas. Stalin killed all who had helped him rise to power because he thought they would threaten his rules.

Stalin was responsible for millions of deaths of Soviet peasants who discrased with his program called "Collective Agriculture" (government control of farms). Under Stalin's commands, the Soviet Union operated a world wide network of communist parties. By the time Stalin died, communism had spread to other countries. His style of rule became known as "Stalinism" and continued to influence many other countries. The people of the soviet union began to hate Stalin, and most of the world was afraid of him. He changed the Soviet Union from once one of the most undeveloped countries to one of the most industrial nations. It became one of the military powers in the world. During World War II, Stalin was an ally of Hitler, but Hitler betrayed Stalin, even before the end of the cold war, when non-communist countries joined together to try to stop communism.

Stalin was born on December 21, 1879, in Gori, a town near Tbilisi, in Georgia, a mountainous area in the southwestern part of the Russian empire. Stalin's real name was Losif Vissarionovich Djugshvil. In 19 12 he was adopted by a family with the last name of Stalin, which means "man of steel".

Stalin's father who's name was Vissarino Ivonovion Diugshvil. His profession was a local shoe maker. Stalin's mother who's name was Ekaterina Gheladze Djugashvil, worked as a washday. They lived in a small shack. Their first three children had died at birth, so Stalin grew as an only child. Stalin got small pox at the age of six which scared his face for life.

In 1888 Stalin's parents sent him to a little church school in Gori....
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