Stalin and Trotsky

Topics: Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Why did Stalin rather than Trotsky emerge as the leader of the USSR in 1929?

Beginning of 1924 Vladimir Ilvich Lenin died at the age of 53 and the major struggle for power began in the Soviet Union. A triumvirate led by Joseph Stalin succeeded Lenin. By 1928 Stalin had all the power, by ruling as an often really brutal dictator until he died in 1953. But how did Stalin actually emerged as the new leader of the Soviet Union. Reasons that need to be explored are how and why did it happen this way. Stalin had the most important position and of coure a very powerful one because he was the general secretary of the party. He had even the power to remove and appoint people to a post. The people who he appointed were tthe people who supported him and the people who were likly to support Trotsky were removed. Nobody was concerned about his moves, not even the Older Bolsheviks because they were afraid of Trotsky who might take over as a dictator. Between Trotsky and Stalin, there was a big difference. It was their different way of ruling the USSR and their politics. Stalins way of ruling was „socialism in one counrty“ where as Trotsky’s way of ruling was based on the „Permament Revolution“. Trotsky’s plan was to help communists in the other countries to revolution and he also wanted to push the revolution in the USSR forward he also wanted to introduce socialist ways of running the economy by ending the NEP. Where as Stalin’s plan was to help Russia, which was very liked amongst the people, because they had just experienced the civil war. Therefor they were really interested in their welfare and economy. His belief was that they could build a fully economic estate by helping not from outsiders but from people within the USSR. He could easily win support, because he was really talented at promoting policies. Policies like his point of view on the New Economic Strategy and Stalin was talented at promoting policies, which he knew would win him support, policies such...
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