Stalin and Lenin Comparison

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Barnard Castle School
History Department

IGCSE Coursework assignment A 

Russia 1905-41

1. Compare the characters and beliefs of Lenin and Stalin 

Stalin and Lenin were similar to an extent in their character but had many contrasting qualities. Lenin had great leadership skill in running the Bolshevik party, he was organised and his never-ending determination and dedication was rivalled by none other, however to say that Stalin was not hardworking would be incorrect he was calculating and very determined their work ethic and determination were very similar. Lenin's whole life was devoted creating his vision of Russia, his goal was clear a communist Russia was the only thing on his mind. This was a major difference between the two it is frequently debated whether Stalin wanted a better Russia or just immense power and personal gain. Stalin's goals as a member the Bolshevik Party were not as clear as Lenin's. Both Stalin and Lenin shared a common hatred of the political opponents to the party they were both ruthless and very forceful about making sure they got what they want. Stalin was not as charismatic and enthusiastic in speech and personality as Lenin was he seemed to blend in not really stand out, he was file jockey just a grey blur but we shouldn't underestimate his role in the party he was plotting his inevitable rise to power. 

Lenin and Stalin shared some important beliefs such as the hope to create a communist state. It was thought that Marxism was the only way in which Russia could become a great nation once again. However they differed on the way this new Russia should be run. Lenin planned for no successor after him he wanted collective leadership to take the reins after his demise where Stalin believed that one figure of authority should control Russia one leader with absolute power. Lenin seemed more committed to communist principle...
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