Stalin's Use of Propoganda

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Leon Trotsky Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Stalin utilized education and propaganda to ensure that the minds of both the young and the old supported and agreed with everything Stalin did and how crucial he was to giving everyone a better life in Russia. By controlling what information people were receiving and what that information was saying, this was how Stalin was able to keep control for so long; the people who were receiving this ‘filtered’ information didn’t know any better. The people of Russia weren’t aware of the serious problems that their country was facing, and how it was affecting their lives. Stalin had strategically created a blanket over the people, in order to blind their views and maintain their support. In order for this strategy to work properly, Stalin had to have control over the newspapers, magazines, posters, books; everything the public had access to.

The most common way that people got information back in the 1930’s was from the newspaper. So, by having control of the newspapers and what they said, Stalin had an extremely strong hold on what the Russian population heard, thought and saw. For example in Russia Reported written by W. Durranty in Moscow on January 16th 1923, it said this about Stalin, “Stalin one of the most remarkable men in Russia and perhaps the most influential figure here today…During the last years Stalin has shown judgment and analytical power unworthy of Lenin. It is to him that the greatest part of the credit is due for bringing about a new Soviet Union.” The way this quote is written, it is obviously written to better the people’s opinion of Stalin’s name and his reputation, which was exactly how Stalin had intended it to come across. Stailn had all the newspapers under his control, and any new that started which were not boasting about their love of Stalin and what an amazing leader he was, and against him were gotten rid of quickly and left without a trace, so that nobody would hear anything but praise about Stalin. By Stalin providing only one side of...
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