Stakeholders Essay

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Presenting to Stakeholders

Doug Cordova


01 April 2011
Tammy Walker

Presenting to Stakeholders

Having to give a presentation is always a nerve racking experience, regardless of how many times a person does it. The stress gets multiplied when it involves an audience of stakeholders consisting of managers, CEO’s, stockholders and the like. These people determine your future within the company. Giving a bad presentation not only makes you look bad, but also portrays the company’s image in a negative manner. However, there are several things a person can do to give an outstanding presentation and make both the company and the presentation seem perfect. Things to Consider About the Audience

When giving a presentation to a group of stakeholders, multiple factors must be taken into consideration to ensure proper delivery of the message to your audience. Due to the fact that a quarterly sales report may contain many numbers and facts that the audience my not understand, the nationality and education level of the audience needs to be considered. Some characteristics of the audience that the presenter should take into consideration are levels of education. For example, using a more direct vocabulary filled with big words is probably not the greatest idea. The audience may not understand the message. Although, there will be times when the nationality of the audience may not be a factor. When dealing with an audience that may be diverse in nationality, simple grammar plays an important role in a presentation. For those whose first language is not English, slang-type terminology will be pointless and only hinder a proper delivery of your message. Therefore, a simple worded presentation, without insulting the higher education levels of people such as a Chief Executive Officer must be used. Another factor that is of importance is whether or not the presentation is filled with opinions. As a member of the military, I am required to...
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