Stairway to Heaven

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How do I get to the Stairway to Heaven?

In 1971, Led Zeppelin released a chart topping, revolutionary song that is currently still played by many people across the globe. The song “Stairway to Heaven” off of their fourth album( Led Zeppelin IV) was almost an instant hit amongst all people of the United States, and various other countries. The song was composed by band members Jimmy Page (guitarist) and Robert Plant ( vocalist). The song is lengthy one, with a duration of roughly eight minutes and withholds many complex segments. Stairway to heaven begins as somewhat of an older folk type melody, then delves into a deeper, more abrupt, electric type of composition whilst the whole time altering tempo. It was and still is today one of the most revolutionary and most played rock songs of all time. When you take the time to sit down and analyze the message of song, you may find yourself puzzled as to what the meaning of the song truly is. While there are many theories behind the definition of the song, there is no verification by any credible source that these theories are indeed facts. Zeppelin has never actually disclosed their intentional meaning of the song, this leaves Stairway to Heaven solely up to the listeners own interpretations. Responsible for Revelations : The Author

There were two authors responsible for the construction of the masterpiece known as “ Stairway to Heaven”. Robert Plant was born in West Bromwich, England on August 20th, 1948 (PlantBio 1). He was raised by his mother and father Robert and Annie Plant in Halesowen, England (PlantBio 1) . When he was just a kid he took a strong interest in singing and was greatly influenced by idols such as Elvis Prestley, Robert Johnson and Bukka White (PlantBio 1). He later on became to be one of the most successful song writers of his era. He later met up with guitarist Jimmy Page whom was born August 9th, 1944 in England (PageBio 1). Page was just a small boy when he picked up a guitar and began instructing himself how to play (PageBio 1). After various involvements with other music groups and numerous solo gigs Page was discovered by a popular band known as the “Yardbirds.”(PageBio 1) It was at this point in time Page was introduced to Robert Plant and offered him a role in the band (PageBio 1). The “Yardbirds” had much success as a band, however, Page and Plant decided to break off from the band. The two men founded the band we know today as Led Zeppelin. After a few years of success the band was underway on their fourth album ( Led Zeppelin IV)(PageBio 1). After the bands fifth tour which took place in Wales, guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant were spending time at the Bron-Yr-Aur cottage in South Snowdonia, Wales. Here they began building the piece and putting many of the musical elements of the work together. Page had many guitar riffs and other electronic pieces that he had long been working with but had no occasion or adhesive to tie them all together. As Page worked to intertwine all these pieces Robert Plant was close by listening and absorbing the acoustics and electronic waves that would soon enough become Stairway to Heaven (PageBio 1) . One evening while listening to Page collaborate all of these elements in a working order Plant stood up and began singing lyrics to the melody (PlantBio 1). This act comprised most of the lyrics of the upcoming song leaving only bits and pieces of lyrical addition and piece revision left to be done. Around this time many people were engaging in the idealism of self liberation and expression. There are many beliefs in what this song is written about however none are justified or validated by the band. Since there is no research to sway any ones natural opinion in a reasonable manner it leaves the

songs listeners with only one option, think and evaluate. The rise of the these new beliefs in self liberation and peace went against the normal “conformity” of society. This popular...
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