Staging Requirements

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Entertainment essay
In entertainment events they need to undergo a list of staging requirements. Some events differ in what type of staging requirements. There are three entertainment events that differ in staging requirements, the events are Corporate Events, Private Events and Music events. These three events use different methods of staging requirements because they are all different to each other. Staging requirements in a corporate can be different because there can be many types of corporate events such as conferences, seminars, meetings, team building events, business dinners etc. In terms of staging requirements at a conference a plan needs to be in order. Requirements would be needed to undergo this event. Making sure the environment of the area is decent so that people would feel comfortable in the building. Security in the area would benefit the event as people trying to crash the conference would be blocked off. The weather can effect the environment, if it is hot than the air con would be turned on to the right temperature to cool down the building, if it is cold then the heater would be turned on but not too hot so area doesn’t burn up. The sound system of the event could also play a big part in the event. PA speakers should be set up not just at the front but surrounding the audience so that everybody has the chance to hear what the person at the front it talking about. At this event people the building would promote a product of something like a phone. Flyers would be handed out at this event advertising the phone, banners should be put up on the wall and free promo material could also be used to help advertise the product. A floor plan has to be planned before the event to show where the lectern/stage would be set up, the seating, catering, exits etc. The second event is the private event. Private events such as birthdays, weddings and family events are private events. Usually the couple would plan a wedding and choose the location of the...
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