Stages of Scientific Method

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* List each of the steps or stages of a scientific method and write a short paragraph about each
1. General Questions
General question is where the start of any research begins. Determining the area of study, what type of study will be done, and budgeting for such research whether it is a small business working on getting bigger, or a laboratory working on finding a cure for breast cancer. Therefore, in determining what type of research, you also have to research the means in which you have to try to find out what to do with said research and what you can do.

2. Narrowing down
With any research being done, narrowing down to the point your working with is a must, this will take into account budget, time, available supplies, supplies needed, and all together lead to a realistic idea of what you theorize the outcome to be in a timely manner. As easy as it may seem, it can be a rather difficult issue as the bigger the topic is, the more has to be taken into account.

3. Designing the experiment
As stated with the step, it involves designing the steps that test and evaluate the theories, manipulating variables and generating data to be analyzed. Experiments are usually designed with statistical test so that it is made sure that the experiment has controls and enough samples to provide valid evidence for the research being done.

4. Observation
Also known as the "midpoint" of the steps of scientific method, it involves observing and recording the results of each controlled experiment gathering collective data and turning it into raw data. This step could take days, weeks, months or even years to complete pending on the type of experiments being researched and data recorded from each one.

5. Conclusions and Publishing
This stage of the process concludes whether the research has been stated as true or false. Usually, the bulk research is never clear, it is still necessary to filter the findings and tell what happened during each, why it happened,...
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