Stages of Recruitment

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Stages of recruitment

Identifying and vacancy:

A company will have to recruit somebody if a vacancy is available either that job is new or their is no one to do it. A business might have a vacancy because:

That person must have left the job.
That person must have been promoted to a higher job or that person must have been retired or dismissed. The business has expanded and they need new staffs.
The person has left because of sickness.

Brittany ferries

This is important to Brittany ferries because they have to identify if a vacancy exists if not then the company could get a huge loss because the customers could think they got bad service e.g. no service and no cleaning. Therefore they have to see if a vacancy exists or there could be poor service and that will lead to bad reputation and the company could shutdown. Maybe a vacancy exists because someone has left the company or the company has expanded therefore maybe the job has to be done. Maybe a vacancy occurs because Brittany ferries have promoted someone or an employee got dismissed.

Drawing up a job description:

A job description is the description of the job because if a company wants to recruit somebody for the job then that person needs to know what the title of the job is, the description of that job he or she has to do. Every company has to produce a job description or else the person getting employed might not have a clue of what they are doing e.g. a restaurant recruited somebody who can’t even cook.

Job description:
List of duties that need to be done
Hours of work
How much pay
Holiday period

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries has to give information on a job description so the applicants should know what their list of duties are e.g. cleaning the cabins, washing dishes or cooking as a chef. Their job description has to give information on how much the applicant is going to get paid, how many hours the applicant is going to work depending on if he or she works on land or boat. If there is know job description then applicants won’t have a clue on what they are doing. Person specification:

If a company employs somebody for a certain job then that company has to look for the right type of person that has:

The qualification for that certain job
The skills needed for that job e.g. computer programmer
The experience needed for that job e.g. experience: 5 years working as a computer programmer

That’s one way of knowing that the certain company has the right person for the job e.g. A computer programming company. The best way for a company to know that they got the right applicant is by looking at their experience e.g. 5 years working as a computer programmer. That’s better for the company because they would know that he or she won’t struggle in the future.

Brittany Ferries

When Brittany Ferries employ somebody for a certain job then they have to look for:

The qualification for that job and the skills needed for that job e.g. Brittany Ferries captain The experience needed for that certain job e.g. 5 years of working as a ferry captain Qualities needed for a certain job (calm down people)

Every company such as Brittany ferries have the same system of looking at the applicants person specification because without looking into an applicants specification and then recruiting them could lead to disaster e.g. applicant who doesn’t know nothing about sailing the Brittany ferry.

When recruiting somebody for a certain job, a company has to look into whether that person got qualifications or not because that certain job could need a person with qualifications to do it. E.g. professional chef.

The most important thing for Brittany Ferries when looking for an employee is looking at the applicants skills for that certain job e.g. Brittany Ferries captain. They have to see if that applicant got the skills for the job and skills for navigating the destination.

When ever Brittany ferries tend to...
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