Stages of Maslow's Hierarchy

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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Stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy
Candice Jumper
Everest Online
SPCP 2300-12

Stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy
1. There are five levels to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:
·Physical Needs
·Safety Needs
·Belonging Needs
·Self-Esteem Needs
·Self-Actualization Needs
Physical Needs:
These needs are the most basic level, humans need to survive and communicate helps us to meet this need. Example: Being able to discuss all my problems with my family at home. Safety Needs:
We meet safety needs through communication. These needs can be as common as allowing our landlord when things are in need of repair with our homes, vehicles, and other things as well as letting the police know when we are in danger. Example: I had to call the police just recently because someone broke into my home. I had to have the police come and make a report. Belonging Needs:

This is the third level in the hierarchy is belonging, or social needs. We all need others in order to enjoy life, to feel comfortable at work, and to fit into social groups. Example: I like hanging out with my family and friends weither at home or going out to eat. Self-Esteem Needs:

These include making and respecting ourselves and being valued and respected by others. Example: I have had self-esteem problems all my life which is something that I am overcoming now. Self-Actualization Needs:

According to Maslow’s, the most abstract human need is self-actualization. It is fully developing and using our unique talents, capacities, and potentials to achieve our needs. Example: One of my talents is putting puzzles together. It is something that I love to do and have been doing for years. 2. This is how belonging and self-esteem needs apply to me.

Most of my life I have had belonging and self-esteem problems. As a child growing up I never really fit in. I was made fun of about everything from my glasses to how much I weighed. It made my self-esteem so low that it caused to feel like I had no friends and no one who cared...